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Marble Inlay is not a Simple Art – Its Rarest Art We Have.

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Marble Art Palace has been the preserve of the specialty of Parchinkari since 1965. What began over 53 years back as a solitary workshop with a modest bunch has been turned into a museum of artists.

Marble Inlay work is crafted on marble. This work is carried out in two places of India, Rajasthan and Agra. There are different products made using Inlay work like marble inlay floor, marble inlay wall, marble inlay tile, marble inlay temple, marble inlay border, marble inlay furniture, marble inlay table top etc.

We have come a long way since 1965, and our mantle of certifications, achievements and records is a testament to our accomplishments.
Some of our benchmark projects are

  • AL-Haram Mosque (Mecca, Saudi Arabia ) 
  • Shaikh Zayed ( Abu Dhabi)
  • Iskon Temple Vrindavan ( INDIA )
  • and many more.

Why Marble Art Palace
The largest range of Italian and Mughal artifacts over Indian and imported marble , exclusive design from all around the world, very competitive prices, several marque projects all over the world adorned by our artist – the most illustrious clientele, and unflinching dedication to customer satisfaction – these are just some of the reasons to select Marble Art Palace.

The person who seeks a unique identity for their spaces, Be it individual homes or complete townships, the company is equipped to supply Marble artifacts on demand, based on each customer’s requirements.

Marble Inlay Floor

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Marble Inlay Wall

Marble Inlay Panel, Marble Inlay Wall Panel and Murals, Designer Wall Panel, Office Wall Panel, Decorative Wall Panel, Wall Stone Panel, Stone Inlay Wall Panel, Floral Wall Panel.

Marble Inlay Border

Marble Inlay Borders, Flooring Border Tiles, Marble Stone Inlaid Border Tiles, White marble border, Commercial Marble Inlay Border Tile, Design Inlay Border, Marble Inlay Border Tile.

Marble Inlay Temple

Taj Mahal Marble Inlay, White And Colored Marble Inlay Temple, Marble Inlay Work in Taj Mahal, Inlay White Marble Decorative Temple, Marble Inlay Working Exclusive Home Decorative Temple.


Marble Inlay Furniture

Stone inlay furniture, Marble rectangle dining table, Modern style Natural white marble furniture, Interior Inlay Furniture Panel, Marble Inlay Table Top, Marble Inlay Dining Table

Marble Inlay Tile

Stone Inlay Borders Tiles, Marble Inlay Wall Tiles, Marble Inlay Wall Panel Tiles, Marble Inlay Flooring Tiles, Stone Studded Inlay Tile, White Base Inlay Tile, Ancient Inlay Tile, White Marble Inlay Tiles.

Wood Inlay Work

Wood Inlay Work, Wood Inlay Patterns, Silver inlay in Wood, Wood Inlay Furniture, Wood Inlay Table, Wood Inlay Doors, Inlay Wood Design, Wood Inlay Home Furniture, Wood Inlay Chairs.

Marble Inlay Pietra Dura

Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Table Top, Pietra Dura Marble Inlaid Dining Table Top, Black Marble Pietra Dura Table Top, Pietra Dura Coffee Table Top, Pietra Dura Inlay Table, Marble Inlay Pietra Dura Tea Table.

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