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Welcome to the Marble Art Palace website. I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to learn more about us, and for your interest in our parchinkari art.

When late Mr. Mohd. Hussain started way back in 1965, little did we know that we would come this far yet, what we did know was that whichever art we would do, it shall be done with utmost honesty, dedication and conviction as art emerge out of the soul. With this as the founding philosophy of Late Mr. Mohd Hussain, son Mr. Khaleel Ahmed is now driving this art with imparting some masters training programme of this art for the youth to make alive this royal art. Over the third generation Marble Art Palace and everything that what we stand for, today as a company we are committed to growth, art’s excellence and community development.

Further, Now at Marble Art Palace are constantly evolving and adapting ourselves to the rapidly changing, ecological and socio-political climate in India as well as the world. As our first duty is for towards the humanity and sustainability of the environment. And even as we learn with each new day and keep pace with global developments, we endeavor to remain true to our core principles of conducting business.

In the span of more than 5 decades, I have met people from all over the world and have helped them decorate their homes with this exquisite art. Many of these people have revisited the Marble Art Palace frequently and creating a milestone of the architecture. It fills me with great joy to share this art over the internet with the thousands of people who have embraced it and the countless more who will be inspired by it.

This art is one of the lesser known arts which makes it all the more surprising and exciting for people from all corners of the world. And here I proudly introduce you to it.

Khaleel Ahmed

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