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Marble Art Palace has been the preserve of the specialty of Parchinkari since 1965. What began over 53 years back as a solitary workshop with a modest bunch has been turned into a museum of artists. We have a huge number of articles and a couple of hundred magnum opuses for the epicureans of craftsmanship. Many groups of craftsmen who rely upon Parchinkari for their work have been connected to us for a considerable length of time and we take pride in supporting them and in keeping this workmanship alive.
The most essential fact about our craft, till now we are using an indistinguishable sort of hand’s tools from used as a part of the sixteenth and seventeenth century for this work. Additionally utilizing a similar kind of stones, which are honest to goodness as well as they give a luxurious and royal look of an ancient era.
Our mantra is to use our expertise to cater to each customer’s needs by offering excellent products and services at right time, at the right price.
Khaleel Ahmed


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